Swear to tell the Truth
Delaine Le Bas

Exhibition: 12th April - 27th April 2008
Open: Thursday - Sunday, 1-5pm
Performance by HRT: Friday 11th April, 7-9pm
Artist Talk: Saturday 19th April 2008, 7.30pm

A solo exhibition of handcrafted and appropriated artworks that question the construction of identities and the possibility of truth in a media manipulated world.

‘‘Eat, Drink, Fuck, and Die’’

‘Four facts of life. I’m not going to pussyfoot around. Let’s cut to the chase, and tell some truths home or otherwise. In a world of media manipulation and celebrity overkill the lines between fact and fiction are blurred. So what is the truth? And where is it to be found?’ Delaine Le Bas

‘Do I want to return to the madness? Or do I feed from its plate?’
Delaine Le Bas