Saturday morning, cup of coffee, two editions of Turps Banana and Vitamin P
Daniella Norton

Exhibition: 26th September –11th October 2009
Open: Thurs–Sun, 1-5pm
PV: Friday 25th September, 7-9pm
Artist Talk: Saturday 3rd October, 7.30pm

Memories of a story

The story went something like this but since reading it a few months ago memory has changed it, and replaced some details with inexplicable alternatives.

One man embarks on a curious hobby, he becomes interested in objects that he finds in and around the areas that he passes going about his daily business. He finds an object under a bush that would normally pass un-noticed. It has been weathered by its exposure to the elements and a myriad of small bug like creatures whose task it is to break up all of the objects in the world.

As his interest in these objects grows, he collects more and more objects, and his house becomes a receptacle for these unusual items.

Shell. Stone, an umbrella handle, found beneath a bush.

As his interest in these objects grows his appearances at work decrease his friend is his only contact with his old life. He becomes a wild thing, like his objects, he no longer participates in the society he used to be a successful member of. There is no return from this place, his friend does not recognise him anymore.

In the Musée Fabre in Montpellier in the south of France there is a room of Fabre’s work, with one painting by Jacques-Louis David. The paintings are large, dark and comprised of semi nude males with soft faces arranged with angels, trumpets and swords. The David shines from one end of the room, a dark pool of quiet power. The shear number of paintings in here makes looking at each one unthinkable.

There are many trains of thought. Giant spider diagrams that perhaps don’t join up, with beginnings such as ‘constructions’, ‘the temporal acts of order by humans verses rocks’, ‘the special place of the object’, or ‘space in painting and it’s aura’, ‘questions about representation’, and the list goes on.