Music, Movies & Machines
Ian Helliwell

Exhibition: 27th October – 4th November 2007
Open: Thurs - Sun, 1-5pm
Artist Talk: Saturday 3rd November, 6-8pm

A comprehensive look at the multi-discipline work of Brighton artist Ian Helliwell, covering his electronic music, super-8 experimental films, collage slides and kinetic sound and film machines. His fascination with old fashioned, hands on gadgetry, is apparent through exploration of the 8mm film format, and from regular recycling of second hand antiquated equipment.

With his independent, unfunded and intuitive approach, much of his activity has functioned outside conventional art channels, and as a consequence, many of his sounds, images and invented contraptions have remained hidden from public view. A significant amount of his experimentation deals with light – its projection with slides and film, and its use in making electronic music.

The subterranean Grey Area gallery therefore, provides an ideal host for this work, offering a rare chance to see at close quarters, the wide-ranging interests of a highly individual artist.