Rework: Oddity & Commodity
Sat 26th Feb, 4-6.30pm, Sun 12-5pm

The second Rework residency at Grey Area will culminate in an event over the weekend of 26th Feb that will include painting installation and performance. Anybody attending is invited to bring work or contribute to the zine which will be produced after two weeks from work and ideas emerging from meetings and discussions (email below). You might also wish to consider recent submissions on the Rework blog site:

As with the last Rework project discussions about painting have taken place concurrent with producing new work. One idea explored was how the interior relationships of a painting read either aesthetically or metaphysically may survive commodification.

Another subject for debate is how the institutional critique undertaken in art since the sixties may develop into an art of connectivity and becoming without “becoming fascist” or “becoming McGreenberger”.