Pigeon - Dynamic Independent arts publication providing platform to expose and discuss creativity and innovation.

Come to the underground location of Grey Area Gallery to join Pigeon in it's launch celebration of the core online element to the project.

An evening of music, installation art and visuals.

Pigeon Magazine is an independent publication and arts website providing a platform to showcase creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial ventures from individuals emerging from the artistic environment that is Brighton, and beyond. A product out of a shared desire to discuss and document the creative endeavours of individuals, that is continuing despite funding cuts within the arts. Pigeon will materialise through two formats of presentation, bringing together a transient magazine - bridging the space between magazine and blog -comprising of an online website and a quarterly printed publication, in addition to a selection of live events including discussion, guest speakers and workshops. We wish to treat the site as both an evolving online collection for each Issue, where the chosen 'theme' is tackled, as well as having a blog section which can be continuously developed and updated with reviews, films and links to other sites and artists. At the end of each quarter, Pigeon will select features and contributions to publish in a printed publication that will be available to purchase through the site and through a range of distributors.

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