Grey Area Presents...

Jonathan Gilhooly
Mike Stoakes

Saturday 24th October 2009 (nuit blanche), 7-9pm

The Grey Area invites you to an evening of presentations by two Brighton based artists.
This event marks the launch of 'Grey Area Presents...' - a new addition to the gallery's exhibitons and events schedule, which takes the form of a 'Group Crit' and is free for all to attend and take part in.

Jonathan Gilhooly presents: 'Enchanted Objects: Agency in the Magic Act and Art Practice'

Jonathan Gilhooly's PhD research project focuses upon the ways in which the objects, strategies, and concepts of conjuring — or what Simon During has called ‘secular’ magic — might be seen to converge with those of contemporary art practice. The theoretical concepts employed derive principally from Alfred Gell’s (anthropological) theory of art and agency.

Mike Stoakes presents: Snapshots of Istanbul: The holiday, international art and how to catch a tram.