Patrick Galway, Haroon Mirza, Iain Rayner

14/4/07 – 29/4/07

‘We are men who feel all the things that men have felt through the ages. Our vernacular is in flux, therefore meaning has become unstable within the objects we make. We do not fear this.’
M. Parfait

The sound based objects, paintings and paper constructions in Tearfully offer variations on romantic themes presented in the light of our current cultural state. Examples of these variations include romantic love, the romance of technology and ‘progress’, and the tragic, yet alluring, romance of failed idealism.

The chosen works and their varying media intersect through this shared thematic interest. Visual pieces are viewed under the perceptual influence of the noise/sound created by other works. The supplementary nature of the audio pieces explores new avenues in previously autonomous, static works. All three sets of work offer ways, through sense perception, of connecting with people, concepts and feelings. However, a realisation of the dangers in overt idealism has led to the creation of a non-linear dialogue between the, at first sight disparate artworks.

The audio work Radio DJ presents two radios that appear to be tuned into separate channels creating a somewhat conflicting soundscape. At particular points in the fabricated broadcasts both audio transmissions become synchronised through tempo producing a new musical composition, harmonising the sonic space and making the shift from noise to sound, which can be rationalised by the perceptual shift from hearing to listening. This action is the cornerstone of the dialogue constructed within the exhibition. Not just a dialogue between artists but between objects and people.