now you don’t
Jonathan Gilhooly
29/6/07 - 15/7/07
Wed - Sun, 1 - 5pm

Magic tricks, jokes, mirrors (no smoke, or rabbits), table turning, coloured lights, dancing spoons, bad puns, gimmicks, and lots of balloons. ADDITIONAL JUMBO GHOST TUBE! (undetected even at close range). Everything can be examined - virtually self-working. Superb chest (requires a modicum of common sense).
THE ULTIMATE CLIMAX - not for the beginner.

No duplicates, stooges or confederates; no double-facers, no rough and smooth, no threads, magnets or scotch tape. (Tip: if you’re investing in this, go the whole way and add the chimney.)
Special quailty gloss red hard catalytic red spray paint finish, for durable service.

(Spring flowers and foulard are not supplied.).

Caveat: The Grey Area is not responsible.

 Balloon Head 2007   Balloon Head 2007