moebius strip
barbara ryan

exhibition: 15th september – 30th september 2007
artist talk: sat 22nd sept, 6-8pm

grey area presents selected work from barbara ryan’s the book of days – 'a synaesthesic calendar'

the installation draws from a record of 365 days, bringing together magazine-type prints, sculpture, and an olfactory formula - the images have been ‘staged’ to represent the cross-modal synaesthesic experiences of the artist

‘if i think of a particular day from memory, it consists of many sensory experiences – i.e. both synaesthesic and what i assume to be the ‘normal’ way, compressed, then expanded into a 4-dimensional totality
for example, looking at the days at the end of august, i experience a filmic sequence of intermeshed stories, scenarios and characters with their accompanying smells, sounds and meteorological and tactile sensations
one image can be a representation of the concept of august in synaesthesic memory, i.e. of all augusts – separate, different, yet cohesive and eternal, and like any other day of the year’

‘sometimes, by a certain manifestation of light rays and accompanying olfactory circumstances, a day in october can momentarily ‘replicate’ a day in may, march or any other month
thus the passage of the seasons, whilst appearing circular and uni-directional, can also become like a moebius strip, meshing and transposing seemingly unrelated places and times’