A Battle Done
Enzo Marra, Daniel Pryde-Jarman

A Battle Done may mark surrender or plunder, a victim or victor. When those assailed upon by decisions to disintegrate with the other, are deposited by that fateful wheel to rest. A terminus is reached with every battle, to celebrate or despair, to illuminate or disappear. A strategy reaches a decision, or else it has been made despite itself. Every opposition requires another to be compromised. Grey Area stages A Battle Done to celebrate minor insurgencies, surgeries, and skirmished activities. Witnesses may be in doubt as to whether these events merit the title of ‘battle’ or be better passed off as merely ‘actions’, but regardless of belligerence or subtlety every one of the featured afflictions had an ultimatum imposed upon it.

done by the time the wind had come
lost against things
that snap against skin
absorb all this
down to earths warmth
hands pull the dirt
over your aching body