Ivan Pope

Exhibition: 4th – 19th April 2009

Prison; Courtroom; Cell; Cellar; Swimming Pool; Classroom; Bedroom; Hospital; Asylum; Building Site; Art Gallery; Waiting Room; Workshop; Garden Shed; Attic; Tent; Stage; Scout Hut; Church; Colony

Ivan Pope’s solo exhibition at Grey Area draws from Michel Foucault’s lecture/text ‘Des espaces autres’ (1967) and the concept of Heterotopia. The ways in which these sites of difference and otherness can be defined and passed between, is not only an issue of boundary but also one of binding.

‘A Heterotopia is a space of otherness because we want it to be. These places become imbued with a quality of separation from the ongoing world. Here our private fantasies are acted out, upon us by us. We draw deep breath to know the space we are in. The space itself is bounded by a membrane, in the same way that our brain and our breathing is held by serous membrane.’

‘We are bound by our definition of the space; it is not a place from which we will shortly pass. We do not always create our Heterotopias for pleasure. Sometimes they are places of our darkest secrets and desires. But sometimes they are where our sweetness and light occurs.’

‘I give you my own private Heterotopia.’

Ivan Pope