Lovely Lovely
Claire Dorsett, Maxwell Wade, Oliver Bedeman, Ellie Nicholls

Grey Area invited 4 early-career artists based in Brighton to contribute to a show of Lovely Loveliness, and on Sat 31st of March 2007 at 6pm they spoke.
They spoke of painting, process, and materials. They spoke of travelling, artists, and a dripping tap that was the best birthday ever.
They spoke well. Thankyou to all who attended, the speakers and the listeners.

Lovely Lovely is the logical extension of Lovely Views, Lovely Painting, and Lovely Sentiments. It is planted here as a signpost. It points to a superlative lying beyond repetitious hyperbole and tautological loops. It upholds Grayson Perry’s statement that we should be more willing to say ‘‘Wow! That is really lovely’’.

‘A portion of the loveliness, which once he made more lovely.’
Percy Shelley, Adonais, 1821