Possible Preparation
Dale Lewis, Alice White


'Where observation is concerned, chance favours only the prepared mind.'
Louis Pasteur, 1822-95

Preparation is the law of the Boy Scout. The basis of lives affected. When preparing for life, a baby, for love, for war. Childhood is the worst preparation for some. Perhaps it is the worst preparation for life.

These paintings and drawings deal with themes surrounding daydreaming, loss, childhood, memory, death, removal, and sexuality. A dusky look at our early years and the loss of children. Of daydreaming through life, and the lasting impression of imaged infancy.

Prepare for existence within,
Practice for all it horrid breath,
Cover yourself against the coming wind
And deaths colder hand,
Prepare for the received gently removed away,
The waiting before arrival all too soon
Prepare for the most awful things
And hope they lose their way.